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Starlabs Magnesium Chelate

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Magnesium importance

Magnesium is involved in the majority of cellular functions and the metabolism of food, being its deficiency a very important health problem with direct implications on skeletal muscle and heart health.

The practice of different sport activities causes a loss of magnesium that we need to recovery either through diet or supplementation.
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Magnesium Chelate from Starlabs Nutrition is the most efficient form of magnesium.
Chelates are chemical forms that the body can absorb easily, without competing with other minerals: its absorption is not limited by other minerals in the diet.

In the chelate, magnesium is bound to a negatively charged group, or anion, in two or more places, forming a very stable and resistant compound.
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1. The most stable and assimilable form of magnesium

2. Contributes to muscle catabolism

3. Improves your cellullar function
  • Any person who wants to meet their daily magnesium needs.
  • Athletes who wish to increase it Magnesium intake and have problems of mineral absorption.
  • Adults with risk of developing osteoporosis.