With BCAAs and Glutamine

Thanks to the latest advances in industrial production of carbohydrates, CYCLO PROTM has been developed combining a novel type of ultrafast digestion dextrin, Cluster DextrinTM, BCAAs of the best quality and KyowaTM Glutamine.

Starlabs CYCLO PROTM provides the perfect ingredients to generate an unique formula that will give you a product of the highest performance, either during or after your workout, to promote a reduction in fatigue and a prolonged energy intake during training, or to improve muscular and energetic recovery of the best quality after.

Cluster DextrinTM

Cyclodextrins are produced by degradation of amylopectin and they have common characteristics with starches (amylopectins), but they have added benefits.

Cluster DextrinTM has relatively long side chains of glucose that are considered to adopt a helical conformation. Such helical structures can form inclusion complexes with guest molecules such as organic acids. This results in a superior performance to other dextrins.

Through different studies it has been confirmed that consuming cyclodextrins increases endurance and athletic performance.


The body uses BCAAs to repair injured tissues, accelerating recovery and preventing muscle rupture during exercise. They are also important to develop and gain muscle mass. 

Leucine is necessary for skin, bones and muscle recovery, and many studies indicate that is responsible for increasing protein synthesis, improving muscle building and delaying catabolism). Valine supports the transport and maintenance of the nitrogen balance (essential for muscle development); Isoleucine helps to the increase of energy and is necessary to form hemoglobin (the type of blood cell that carries oxygen through the body).


In some special circumstances, Glutamine can become conditionally essential. 
During intense training, for example, the body can lose up to 50% of its glutamine levels, being unable to synthesize enough to meet their needs. Because of this, an introduction of glutamine during training improves the anti-catabolic effect, protein synthesis and cellular hydration, reducing thus, exhaustion during training. 

Osmovol Hydration Complex

Sodium is essential to maintain the body’s water balance: the higher the intensity of exercise and the higher the temperature in the environment, the higher the loss of this mineral. 

Sweat contains water as the first compound, but it has a great concentration of Sodium that is eliminated when we are facing intense or long lasting exercises. When we sweat, we are losing about 1-1,5 grams of salt (NaCl) for every liter of sweat, which causes a decrease in our physical performance (increasing the risk of cramping or deficiencies in muscle contraction). It is crucial, therefore, to recover this element after the exercise.

Rapid and sustained release of carbs


Replenishment of muscular glycogen

The perfect ally for serious athletes

Starlabs CYCLO PROTM is the perfect intra-workout for athletes thanks to its high solubility and its speed to reach bloodstream. 

Glucose levels remain high in blood, being perfect for activities of high demand. Moreover, it ensures mineral replenishment during the rehydration process that avoids sodium deficiencies (which is not achieved with common isotonic drinks).

Shorter residence time in the stomach allows design of a sports drink that is quickly absorbed in the body. The energy coming from these carbohydrates reaches the muscles before and in a sustained manner.


1. Rapid and sustained release of carbohydrates

2. Ultrafast and sustained release of amino acids into the bloodstream

3. Replenishment of lost mineral salts during high intensity or long duration exercises.

4. Excellent digestion

5. High solubility

6. High performance during more time

7. Muscular and energetic recovery


  • Athletes who want to stay hydrated and energized during and after high intensity training sessions.
  • Athletes who, during a sports competition, wish to recover and recharge glycogen and mineral levels.
  • Anyone who practice endurance and long lasting sports.
  • Athletes with sensitive stomach and tendency to stomach discomfort derived from carbohydrates.

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