Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels


Improves sexual function



Policosanol, from sugar cane, is specially indicated for people that want to improve their cardiovascular health.

Its main function is to reduce LDL blood levels(bad cholesterol) and increase HDL.

It also prevents the formation of blood clots and reduces atherosclerotic lesions.

In numerous studies comparing both cholesterol lowering therapies, policosanol proved to have better performance than statin drugs. 

Researchers think that policosanol may be a safe regimen for reducing and regulating LDL-Cholesterol levels. Even clinical studies have shown that policosanol is one of the most potent cholesterol lowering nutrient without any serious side effects.

It can also reduce platelet aggregation in both healthy and hypercholesterolemic individuals.

There are reports saying that policosanol can boost energy and enhance sexual performance.

Comparation with other sterols

Different studies have been done to compare the benefits of policosanol with those of plant sterols and stanols.

These have shown that policosanol is more effective than plant sterols and stanols in lowering LDL levels.

A significant reduction in LDL and triglycerides has been found, while an increase in HDL has been also observed. 


1. Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels

2. Reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases

3. Improves sexual function


  • People who are at risk for cardiovascular conditions.
  • Adults with increased cholesterol levels
  • People that want to improve their lipid profile

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