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Omega 3

Optimum Ratio

Numerous studies have shown that, within a balanced diet, EPA and DHA are essential elements, taking into account that they not only play a role maintaining good health but they are also involved in vital functions. The absence of Omega 3 can cause 

cardiovascular and brain problems, as well as aesthetic problems. Taking this fatty acid in your diet will keep the membrane of your cells permeable, improving the absorption of nutrients.

Optimized Rate

EPA and DHA maintain blood pressure on adequate levels and they also play a role in other systems as the immune system or muscles and decrease inflammation and pain in joint diseases such as arthritis.

Numerous benefits

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids have been shown to decrease the production of inflammatory molecules, cytokines, and reactive oxygen species; have immunomodulatory properties; and attenuate inflammatory diseases.


1. Prevents from cardiovascular diseases

2. Reduces pain and inflammation in joint diseases

3. Slows the loss of bone mass and improves osteoporosis

4. Prevents from certain types of cancer (breast, prostate and colon)


  • Athletes who want to protect their muscles from inflammatory processes during intense or prolonged workout.

  • People who want to improve their cardiovascular health and to reduce blood pressure.

  • People who are on a diet and need an extra of healthy fatty acids.

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