Natural Source of BCAA


Easy Mixing and Delicious Tasting

W74 Wheycore

100% Whey Protein Concentrate

Starlabs® W74 Wheycore is formulated with 100% concentrated whey protein and meets the highest quality standards like all products in Starlabs®. It is a complete high quality protein with a full spectrum of amino acids that provides all essential and non-essential amino acids, a high content in BCAAs and a very high biological value. 

W74 Wheycore contains all protein fractions such as Beta lactoglobulin, alpha lactobumin, bovine serum, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides. 

With excellent dissolution and flavor, W74 Wheycore is the perfect protein for any athlete who wants to improve his performance

Keep your figure

Starlabs® W74 Wheycore is low in carbohydrates and sodium and has a minimum content of fat, with a high protein percentage.


1. Fortified with BCAAs and EAAs to intensify repair, recovery and nitrogen retention

2. For lean muscle growth and increased strength

3. High quality, easy mixing and best tasting whey protein


  • Athletes who want to protect their muscles during intense or prolonged workouts.

  • Fitness athletes who aim to increase lean muscle mass without increasing their fat percentage.

  • People who are under a strict diet that need an extra supply of proteins.

  • As a meal replacement.

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