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Multivitamin Pro Complex

Starlabs® V25 VITAMINS gives you a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support your vitality and to keep your body healthy. 

As an active individual it is important to get all the nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. 

A good multiple vitamin and mineral supplement is vital for numerous reasons; first to prevent your body from being nutrient deficient, secondly many vitamins and minerals act as essential coenzymes and cofactors in cellular generations and finally as a preventive measure for some conditions and diseases.

Antioxidant Matrix

This formula is composed by 100% natural vitamins and minerals and they provide potent antioxidant properties. There are numerous benefits that antioxidants give us and they are linked to protection from a variety of chronic diseases like cancer, age-related diseases or diabetes.

Maximize your performance

Vitamins function in the human body as metabolic regulators, influencing a number of physiological processes important to exercise or sport performance.

Athletes who wish to be on the “safe side” of avoiding vitamin deficiencies may wish to take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement each day or every other day.


1. Contains 25 vitamins and minerals

2. Supports peak performance

3. Highest quality of ingredients

4. Helps fight free radicals

5. All natural dietary supplement


  • Athletes who need an extra intake of Vitamins and Minerals in their daily diet.

  • People who practice aerobic sports.

  • People with nutritional deficiencies.

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