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AKG ARGININE from Starlabs Nutrition® is based on its arginine content, necessary for the synthesis of Nitric Oxide in the liver and with a vasodilator effect, in combination with the amino acid alpha-ketoglutarate. This combination increases Nitric Oxide concentrations in the liver much more.

AKG ARGININE further promotes the endogenous release of glutamate, a necessary amino acid for protein synthesis, and 

helps to decrease oxidative stress in the intestine. Glutamate is also important for the functioning of Central Nervous System, being the most common excitatory neurotransmitter. Both AKG ARGININE and Nitric Oxide amplify beneficial effects for muscle synthesis provided by nutritional supplements and training.

Muscular Fatigue

Arginine supplementation improve exercise capacity by decreasing lactate accumulation, which has been shown to be involved in the development of muscular fatigue by increasing muscular acidity.

Improve ammonia removal

As a precursor for the synthesis of glutamate and glutamine in multiple tissues (including liver, skeletal muscle, heart, brain, and white adipose tissue), AKG bridges carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism for both conservation of amino acids and ammonia detoxification.


1. Promotes Nitric Oxide production in the liver

2. Improves protein synthesis

3. Amplifies beneficial effects of exercise and nutritional supplements

4. Increases strength and recovery


  • Athletes that want to increase lean muscle mass, by reducing the accumulation of body fat and increasing muscle synthesis.

  • People who are on a diet, by promoting the reduction of body fat.

  • Athletes prone to injury, by reducing recovery time after injury or surgery.

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