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Low Glycemic Index


Amylopectin Carboloader

A70 CARBOFUSETM is extracted from a specific fraction of corn that is primarily made up of Amylopectin, which became famous for offering instant energy. A70 CARBOFUSETM is therefore an efficient supplement for athletes who need a fast restoration of glycogen. Waxy Maize is the most innovative carbohydrate that exists on the market today. 

A70 CARBOFUSETM is low fat, sugar- and gluten free, and does not cause swelling, bloating and water retention. 

The amylose and amylopectin are both components of starch. 

One major difference between the two is that only the amylopectin components are soluble in water. This means that the amylopectin in A70 CARBOFUSETM is easily absorbed and digested by the body and the internal system. There is also a structural difference as amylopectin has a highly branched structure whereas amylose has a straight branch structure. 

Take A70 CARBOFUSETM before or during training to create an increase in carbohydrate oxidation and be able to perform more work during your training due to its ergogenic effect.

How does A70 help you?

Replenishing glycogen in muscles faster than maltodextrin and dextrose; capturing nutrients that are difficult to absorb through the intestinal wall (like creatine, beta-alanine, and arginine); and providing instant and sustained muscular energy.

Window of opportunity

When taken after training, there is a great window of opportunity for the advantages of A70 CARBOFUSETM, as its quickness to provide glycogen resynthesis assists the muscles to recover rapidly and efficiently making your body ready for the next training session in a shorter period of time.


1. Immediate Energy & Rapid Recovery

2. Sustained Muscular Energy

3. Low Glycemic Index

4. Fast Absorption and Rapid Glycogen Replenishment


  • Endurance athletes who want to protect their muscles during intense or prolonged workouts.

  • Athletes who perform exercises in which muscle glycogen is the main source of energy and can cause depletion of glycogen in muscle fibers (such as weight lifting, crossfit, ...) .

  • Athletes who maintain high levels of energy expenditure continuously for long periods of time.

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