We have worked many years in our recognized laboratories with the most qualify and expert scientists in the field of sports nutrition in order to develop a complete line of vanguard products.

In our constant evolution to reach our objectives regarding formulation of products, we have come to the conclusion that more demanding professional athletes need specific formulas to break their records.
Starting from certified natural raw materials, with the highest quality standards, we have developed a high range of products compound by food complements that cover the needs for a healthy lifestyle…



Improves recovery time. Stimulates protein synthesis. Stimulates muscle growth. Inhibits protein catabolism. Offers you the highest quality branched chain amino acids (BCAA), InstaminosTM

Cutting edge formulations and ingredients quality that make Starlabs your brand.

All StarLabs Products are formulated with high demands for the products effect, taste, mixability and presentation.


Continuous search for new areas and components to develop the most innovative formulas.


Development of cutting-edge products in recognized laboratories with a broad experience in sports nutrition.


Use of certified raw materials with the highest standards of quality and reliability.


Uncompromising commitment to quality and consumer safety thanks to independent testing.

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Patented nutraceutical ingredients

StarLabs Nutrition uses ingredients of the best possible quality that are supported by clinical studies. A widespread use of patented raw materials and a clear declaration of used ingredients insure a standardized product quality and product effect.
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